Hira-National-Education Foundation-(Regd)-Pakistan

Hira National Education Foundation (Regd) Pakistan

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Project: Hira National Education Foundation (Regd) Pakistan

About Hira National Education Foundation (Regd.) Pakistan


After the creation of Pakistan the next step was building the country which made it binding that the direction of education, its curriculum and system were in conformity with the direction, aims and objectives of the country to be achieved. It should have had the development of the ideology of Pakistan among its youth as its goal.

Today everyone seems to be tolerant towards the basic ideology of the country which is due to the aim- less education system imposed upon us by the rulers of the country.

Educational policies imposed now and then have damaged the identity of the nation and do not reflect the Islamic heritage of the people, none the less class system is promoted which instead destabilizes the country and the ideological inheritance.

Keeping the above in view ‘Tanzeem-e-Asatiza Pakistan’ in late December 1990 introduced Hira educational project that has started bearing fruit and providing shade to the youth of the country.

Mission Statement

Imparting quality education catering future needs with character building in Islamic perspective.

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