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Minhas Agricultural Farm and Bio Gas Pakistan

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Project: Minhas Agricultural Farm and Bio Gas


Pakistan is an agri-based country with 70% of its population acquiring sustenance through agriculture and 25% of the land is under cultivation and is supported by one of the biggest irrigation systems in the world.

With the Indus River transcending through Pakistan, it supports much of the agriculture. Almost every constituency in Pakistan has animal husbandries due to the locally produced grain and wheat straw that is easily available. This has allowed the growth of the 8th largest naturally grown livestock herd in the world and has empowered the country be a proud grower of Halal Organic Grass fed Red Meat, developed in natural and stress free environments.

MinhasAgri , The Home of Quality Meat, operates in an environment with a diverse agricultural base. From the much cherished buffalo breeds, MinhasAgri the access, expertise and understanding to choose from the best available to offer to its customers. Lamb and goat varieties of Pakistan too are quite varied. Pakistan has a mix variation of breeds depending on the location of the grazing lands in which the herdsmen dwell to naturally band organically sustain their livestock.

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