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Project: PAKAID

PAKAID Introduction

Pak Association for Inspirational Development (PakAID) is an emerging not for profit, non-governmental and non-political organization registered under the societies registration act 1860 (registration no. CSR-375/2015). It provides a platform to the thoughtful people who want to contribute in the solutions of the core issues of today’s generally around the globe and particularly in Pakistan. PakAID is based in Pakistan and believes on dynamism and acts as a implementing and support organization to the institutions in Pakistan for sustainable development.

Pak Association for Inspiration Development (PakAID) responds to the people’s concerned issues and policies through utilizing its abilities of public policy, good governance and legislation with an inclusive approach. It helps promoting leadership through a democratic process and building harmony among different governmental institutions and civil society. PakAID also believes that the global issues affect everybody in the world but these issues can be solved at grassroots levels through applying rule of think globally and act locally.


A group of thoughtful Alumni of the US Government Exchange Programs having years of experiences in the development sector around the world formed PakAID. It has an Executive Council and an Advisory Board. The members belong to development sector, academia, think-tanks, research and other segments of lives. Mr. Haseeb Kiyani is a founder President and CEO of PakAID having 20 years of experience of Trainings, Advocacy, Exchange Programs, Grants Management, Organizational Development and Mobilization on variety of themes and have been serving as President of Pak US Alumni Network (PUAN) for several years. He has been Legislative Fellow and Alumni of Department of States USA, Certified Election Official for Cuyahoga County in Ohio in year 2010. Three out of seven Executive Board Members are Legislative Fellows and others are USG alumni. The members are also having 10 to 25 years of experience in academia, management, advocacy, mobilization, research and media in Pakistan and around the world on Education, Governance, Politics, Elections, Gender, Climate Change, Health, International Exchange Programs and Entrepreneurship.

The Executive Council and the Advisory Board members are committed to utilize their abilities and experiences together for the success of PakAID on variety of programs and projects particularly exchange program/professional fellows programs. The excellent combination of these members is a seal of success on PakAID’s initiatives which will contribute in the solution of the core issues of Pakistan.

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